The history of Loewe Handbags

Published: 07th December 2009
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The history of Loewe Handbags
Designer handbags are more and more important for fashion-conscious ladies today. An ideal bag not only enhances your style but effectively assists you as well, so selecting the right bag is necessary and not provides a wide array of Loewe bags and serves you with convenience and satisfaction. If you are the one who is not afraid of getting much attention, Loewe bag will surely captivate the people around you and win lots of praises.

In 1945, Loewe launched the box calf handbag designed by Perez de Roses, and this bag was developed to the classic style for Loewe. In 1979, reinforced bags were replaced by Napa with a virtually structure-less version. On July 26, 2007, it was announced that creative director Jose Enrique One Selfa was replaced by Briton-born designer Stuart veers who was the former design director at Mulberry. Veers achieved striking success at Mulberry, and was awarded Fashion Accessories Designer of the Year 2006 by the British Fashion Council. Veers injected new energy and perspective into the Loewe brand. At the same time, he kept the essence of the rich Loewe heritage, and revived it by fresh interpretation and new materials.

The famous collections designed by Veers are "Amazon" tote bag and Called bag. In these collections, military-cum-naval themes have been innovatively used, and the symbols: brass buttons have been designed as chic handbag chains and bracelets, ropes as gold belts and cuffs. Loewe began an ambitious renovation plan with ingenious designers including Ona Selfa, Vevers and many others. Vevers is outstanding for his marvelous creativity and wealth of experience which has been perfectly infused into the legacy of the famous fashion house rooted its prominent leather goods craftsmanship more than 160 years ago. Vevers'exclusive work reflects the free spirit and energetic innovation. Nowadays, Loewe, the fashion empire was rapidly enhanced and developed by the creative designers' team.

Loewe is leader of the fashionable handbag trends. It is not synonymous with low quality so that its branded name has been a price tags for highly expensive. Loewe handbags are luxurious for most people who can't afford its price. People will be deprived of their mimic handbags monthly or yearly allowance to own one Loewe handbag. For the most people, they will reluctant to spend so much money for the luxury handbag.

Fortunately, Replica Loewe handbags are serving the purpose and look marvelously appealing. They are the best choice for people who are on a budget; the fake handbags are still eye-catching and make you so outstanding in the crowd.
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